• Golfer's Clinic

    The Golfer’s Clinic is designed for both the injured and healthy golfer. The aim of the clinic is to determine if your body has any physical limitations that may be leading to swing faults. A full body functional screen is performed and focuses on detecting any physical limitations that can prevent you from achieving your most efficient golf swing. Utilizing high definition 2-D video analysis software, our golf specialist physical therapist will use in-depth video to capture your swing, break it down into its component parts and analyze for any potential faults.

    How will I benefit from getting care at the Golfer’s Clinic?

    At the Golfer’s Clinic, you will receive:

    • A CD-ROM of your golf swing with detailed notes of any potential faults and the physical limitations that may be leading to them
    • Individualized home stretches, exercises, and drills to meet your specific needs
    • Specialized Sports Physical Therapy care for treatment of injuries

    Where is the Golfer’s Clinic held?

    The Golfer’s Clinic is conveniently located at:

    Green Township Campus
    Green Township Sports Physical Therapy 
    5899 Harrison Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45248

  • Appointments / Questions

    Schedule an Appointment

    The Golfer’s Clinic is by appointment only. Please call 513-803-9607 to schedule your appointment.

    Ask a Question

    If you have a question about the clinic, contact Chris Kovacs, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS at 513-803-8240 or email christopher.kovacs@cchmc.org.