• Why Choose Us

  • The Stone Center provides a multidisciplinary clinic for patients and families with chronic stone conditions. A team of physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers and dietitians from Human Genetics, Nephrology, Radiology and Urology collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan for you or your child.

    Pediatric urinary tract stones can be a one-time episode or a chronic condition that requires ongoing care and treatment. Patients and families can expect to receive comprehensive care at the Stone Center from initial evaluation through ongoing follow-up. Coordination of care includes referrals, appointments, tests and treatment that will occur in a single, convenient clinic setting.  While here, you and your family will be treated with respect and compassion.  We encourage you to ask questions and share information to help us best meet your child’s needs.

    Depending on your child’s stone condition, you will meet with multiple specialists from our interdisciplinary team.  Before the initial visit, our nurse coordinator may arrange for testing to be done ahead of time. Testing may occur during your visit, after the clinical assessment.  Available test results will be reviewed with you during your scheduled visit. 

    At the initial visit, you will have a chance to ask as many questions as needed to help you understand your child’s diagnosis and the treatment options.  Education related to diagnosis, treatments and testing is directed to parents or guardians, and the child or teen as appropriate.  We hope to answer all of your questions and provide the most complete evaluation necessary to care for you or your child. 

    The Stone Center at Cincinnati Children’s has established clinical care management protocols for patients presenting with a possible urinary tract stone.  The protocols are detailed for patients newly diagnosed as well as patients with a history of urinary stones.  These protocols guide the emergency medicine team in providing the best diagnostic and supportive care for you and your child.

    The protocols outline laboratory testing and radiologic evaluation required during the emergency room visit.  This testing will determine confirmation of diagnosis, treatment of symptoms, and consultation by appropriate clinical services such as urology, nephrology and genetics as needed.

    We are committed to radiation protection in the imaging of children. In diagnosing your child’s urinary tract stones, we adhere to Image Gently guidelines and select appropriate testing to limit radiation exposure while still providing high-quality images. 

    Children with stone disease may require frequent radiology testing during their lifetime.  Minimizing radiation exposure during each stone episode is key to maintaining radiation safety for your child.

    If your child is diagnosed with a genetic (inherited) stone condition, you and your child will be referred to a human genetics specialist.  Children with other associated health problems, frequent recurrences or a family history of stones may also receive a referral for evaluation, care and ongoing treatment. 

    Consultation, appropriate genetic testing and education will be provided to assist your family in understanding and managing a stone condition.