• A Leader in Pediatric Surgical Weight Loss

    As the first surgical weight-loss program especially tailored for adolescents and teenagers, our team understands the unique needs and the significant impact that obesity can have on the life of a teen. Over the years, we have seen amazing outcomes of weight-loss surgery and over time we have refined many of the approaches to bariatric surgery. After evaluating literally hundreds of teenagers with severe weight problems, talking to them and their family members, we have identified several common themes. We understand that choosing to have weight-loss surgery is a difficult, life-changing decision, especially for teens and young adults.

    Video Introduction from Surgical Director Thomas H. Inge


    "On behalf of our entire team, welcome to our center. And congratulations on taking the next step toward long-term weight-loss success.” Watch video.

  • Considering Bariatric Surgery?

    Our teen weight-loss surgery program combines the expertise of highly trained minimally invasive surgeons with experts in nutrition, pediatrics, endocrinology, cardiology, exercise physiology, psychology, social work, nursing, and clinical and basic research. To help you through the process, we offer online resources to help you make a confident, informed decision with your family.

    Our comprehensive program includes long-term after care and emotional support. Patients and their families are counseled and closely followed within a clinical setting, which is designed to meet the psychosocial, emotional and medical needs of overweight adolescents.

    Our Philosophy

    The guiding principle of the Surgical Weight Loss Surgery Program for Teens is that bariatric surgery for adolescents and teens should not occur in isolation. It should happen in an environment that meets the unique physical, medical, behavioral, psycho-social and emotional needs of adolescents and their families. When surgery is planned, teens and parents are counseled by bariatric surgeons, a bariatric physician, nurse and dietitian in multiple settings. We also require that all prospective surgery patients undergo an interview by our psychologist.

    Our outstanding clinical treatment program — combined with a world-class adolescent bariatric research program — allows us to remain on the cutting edge. We are able to bring the most current and sophisticated understanding of the art and science of weight-loss surgery to bear on the health problems facing our patients.

    Our surgical director is Thomas Inge, MD, PhD, and our medical director is Stavra A. Xanthakos, MD, MS.