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    The Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens at Cincinnati Children’s requires a completed copy of our SWLPT referral form signed by the child’s primary care or specialty healthcare provider. It’s important that this referral specifically include the child’s current weight, height and the doctor’s assessment of medical, physical or mental health problems that the overweight condition may have caused. We would also like for the doctor to include the child’s:

    • General medical history
    • Prior treatments
    • Results of testing and weight loss attempts, including dieting records, that may be relevant to the overweight condition

    Once this information is received by our office, the family will get a questionnaire to complete and return, along with a signed medical record release form and copy of the patient’s insurance card.


    To refer patients for bariatric surgery, please complete and submit our referral form.

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    For more information about the Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens,  use the contact information below


    513-636-4453 or 513-636-9215
    Toll Free: 800-344-2462, ext. 4453





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    Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery
    Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    MLC 2023
    Cincinnati, OH 45229


    Medical care is provided in the clinics of each department, which are on the Burnet Campus of Cincinnati Children’s.

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