• Transitional Care Center

    At the Transitional Care Center, we provide comprehensive, coordinated care for medically complex pulmonary patients and their families. Our goal is to achieve medical stabilization and to provide family support, education and resources that allow patients and families to successfully manage care at home.

    We treat children of all ages who have pulmonary conditions that require tracheotomies and long-term ventilatory support.

    Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Program

    At the Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Program, our goal is to help children with injuries or impairments maximize their participation in daily activities as they return to home and the community.

    We treat infants, children and teens who have:

    • Congenital or acquired impaired functional abilities as a result of brain injury
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Neurological, neuromuscular, rheumatological or other physiological impairments

    Team Approach to Care

    The strength of our department lies in our ability to work together to find children the best treatment. We take a team approach and include families in the decision-making process.

    Partnership with Families

    We develop close partnerships with families so that you find support, education and assistance in learning to care for your child.

    Defining Success

    We measure success by our ability to smooth the transition from the hospital to life at home. We want to help your child be independent and successfully get back to daily routines.