• Resources for Patients and Families

    Managing your or your child’s tuberous sclerosis (TS) can be a complicated and difficult challenge. The TS Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s has collected the following resources to help you and your family better understand and manage TS. 

    School Resources

    The TS Clinic offers several services to assist our school-age patients:

    • Providing documentation to school personnel regarding your child’s medical issues
    • Advocating for your child

    The following links can provide additional resources for parents and teachers:

    For more serious educational concerns, the following resources can assist children with TS and their families:

    Note that before we can provide information to your child’s school, you must complete a release form allowing us to share your child’s information.

  • Adults with TS

    Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Cincinnati Children's.

    The TS Clinic is located within a children's medical center, but we also treat adult patients with TS.