• Meet the Tuberous Sclerosis Specialists

    The Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Cincinnati Children's is home to specialists with a variety of backgrounds and areas of focus. As a team, this diversity makes us better prepared to care for your child's unique needs.

  • A photo of David Neal Franz.

    David Neal Franz, MD Founding Director, Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic 513-636-4222

    A photo of Darcy Krueger.

    Darcy A. Krueger, MD, PhD Director, Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic 513-636-4222

    A photo of Jamie Capal.

    Jamie K. Capal, MD Neurodevelopmental and Autism Specialist, Division of Neurology 513-636-4222

    A photo of Stuart L. Goldstein.
    A photo of Elizabeth Gosnell.

    Elizabeth S. Gosnell, DMD, MS Pediatric Dentist, Division of Pediatric Dentistry 513-636-4641

    A photo of Timothy Knilans.

    Timothy K. Knilans, MD Director, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing 513-636-7269

    A photo of David Nelson.

    Daniel A. Nelson, MD Medical Director, Child Psychiatry Unit 513-636-4788

    A photo of Elizabeth Schorry.

    Elizabeth K. Schorry, MD Member, Division of Human Genetics 513-636-0121

    A photo of Brian Siroky.

    Karen D. Agricola, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Tuberous Sclerosis 513-636-4222

    A photo of Jennifer Glass.

    Jennifer E. Glass, LGC Genetic Counselor II, Division of Human Genetics 513-803-3264

    A photo of Cindy Tudor.

    Cindy Tudor, RN, APRN, CNP Nurse Practitioner, Division of Neurology 513-636-4222

    No photo available

    Linda L. Wallace, LISW Social Worker, Division of Social Services 513-636-9096