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    About the award

    The Women’s Faculty Association of the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Pediatrics is offering the Louise Rauh Scholarship to a current fourth-year student.  The Louise Rauh Scholarship is awarded based on excellence in academic performance (dean’s list, third-year pediatric clerkship rotation, AOA, etc.), leadership skills, community service, resourcefulness and financial need. Applicants must be in the top one-third of the class at the end of the third year; may be male or female; and may be pursuing careers in medicine other than pediatrics, including academic or non-academic fields. There are no residency requirements.

    Applications are available from IvaDean Lair-Adolph, dean’s office, MSB E-251. For more information, contact Corinne Lehmann, MD, M.Ed., the chair of the Rauh scholarship committee.

    Other committee members include: Donita Bylski-Austrow, Ph.D.; Connie McAneney, MD; Nancy Sawtell, Ph.D.; Jennifer Reed, MD; Wenying Zhang, MD, Ph.D.; Catherine Krawczeski, MD.

    About Louise W. Rauh, MD

    Louise W. Rauh was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1928. She studied pediatrics in Vienna, Austria, for two years, took a residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, practiced in Cincinnati from 1934 to 1950, and ended her career at General (now University) Hospital from 1951 to 1985. A video about her is available at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Pratt Library.  Rauh practiced pediatrics for over 50 years and made many important, pioneering contributions to the delivery of pediatric care in the Cincinnati area.

    In 1934, along with Dr. Robert A. Lyon,  Rauh established the newborn service at Cincinnati General Hospital, as well as the pediatric cardiology clinics at both Cincinnati General and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Five years later, she and Lyon founded the Children’s Heart Association.  Rauh ran University Hospital’s pediatric cardiology clinic for over 50 years, and she was also on the staff of the Convalescent Hospital for Children and the Condon School, caring for cardiac patients at both institutions.  Rauh was one of the first to see the need for medical care for the poor children of Cincinnati and its surrounding rural areas, and she worked continually in various neighborhood clinics with the Babies’ Milk Fund Association.  Rauh died in 1991 at the age of 88.

    Rauh spent 48 years teaching at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, where she was an inspiration to countless medical students, residents and health professionals. In 1990, the Women’s Faculty Association of the Department of Pediatrics established a scholarship in her honor, which is awarded annually to a fourth-year medical student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. This award is based on excellence in academic performance, leadership skills, community service, resourcefulness and financial need.

    About the current recipient

    David S. Moon is the winner of the 2013 Louise Rauh Scholarship Award. David is a fourth year student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (UCCOM).

    Upon entering medical school, David was awarded the Class of 1955 Medical Student Scholarship Award, providing $5000 yearly support. David was also selected into the Medical Student Scholars Program in Child and Adolescent Health and has been an active member of that group, serving as the Pediatrics Club Shadowing Chair and being a team member for the medical students in Cincinnati Walks for Kids. David has participated in numerous service activities from being a tutor or syllabus editor in various subjects at UCCOM to being a Walking Works Health Coach for obese children in Kentucky and participating in the Pediatric Special Arts Program at CCHMC.

    David’s academic work has been no less impressive as he is ranked as an outstanding student and was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society in August 2012. David has been noted to be a calm, mature and professional student who has an intuitive way with children and their families.

    David attributes his success in medical school to the loving support and encouragement from his wife, Naomi, and his daughters, Camilla and Lorelei.  David has applied for a pediatric neurology residency. The Women’s Faculty Association congratulates David on his achievements.

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    Present / Past Winners of the Award

    Winners of the Louise W. Rauh Graduation Award (1991 - Present)

    • 2013   David Moon
    • 2012   Kathryn Hitchcock
    • 2010   Jared Carson Bentley
    • 2009   Gerald Cho
    • 2008   Robin Theresa Petroze
    • 2007   Justin W. Smith and Julie Thistlethwaite
    • 2006   Callisia Nathelee Clarke and Jessica Beegan
    • 2005   Brian Postma and Shana Alexander
    • 2004   Kara Ann Tencza
    • 2003   Jennifer Ernst and Nicole Baldwin
    • 2002   Deborah Bradley and Adam Mussman
    • 2001   Karyn Marie Dyehouse
    • 2000   Nicole Thorpe
    • 1999   George Papacostas
    • 1998   Malini Gillen
    • 1997   Kimberly Renee Shirley
    • 1996   Elissa Falzetta
    • 1995   John Kunkel
    • 1994   Nicole Grunenberg / Ryan
    • 1993   Alberta Henderson
    • 1992   Andrea DeLaat
    • 1991   Joseph Bailey