Women's Faculty Association

  • Fifth Third Bank / Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program

    The goal of the Fifth Third Bank / Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program is to support the academic career development of women faculty who have demonstrated academic potential and leadership skills. The intention of the award is to provide career support so that more women reach the rank of associate and full professor.  All applicants also receive individual academic advisement.

    This program has been designed for women faculty who hold a primary or secondary appointment in the Department of Pediatrics as an assistant or associate professor. The eligible candidate should have a record of academic accomplishments such as grants and publications, but needs additional support to ensure academic success.

    The award amount is variable according to identified needs; usually $50,000 per year given to the scholar for use in a manner that she deems appropriate for her research. The maximum award length is two years and is dependent upon demonstration of progress.

    Past Schmidlapp Women Scholars

    • 2012: Avani Modi PhD-BMCD
    • 2011: Jessica Woo
    • 2010: Jill Huppert and Kristen Page
    • 2009: Kimberly Risma
    • 2008: Lisa Martin and Nicolay Waltz
    • 2007: Jessica Kahn
    • 2006: Cindy Molloy
    • 2005: Linda Cripe
    • 2004: Meg Zeller
    • 2003: Melinda Mahabee-Gittens
    • 2002: Anne Marie Levine
    • 2001: Anna Byars and Kathy Anderson
    • 2000: Maria Britto
    • 1999: Cindy Bachurski
    • 1998: Katherine Yutzey