Cincinnati Children’s was started in 1883 by women who rented a three-bedroom house in Walnut Hills to care for sick children. Our very beginnings were rooted in community support and involvement. Over many years, we have partnered with and invested in the local community to improve the health of our children. 

To fulfill our vision to be the leader in improving child health, we must provide the best, most effective medical care, research and education to all. And today, more than ever, we know that we also need to do our part to make sure that Cincinnati is a healthy place for kids to grow up. 

We are making progress. In the last five years working with others, we’ve reduced infant mortality rates in Hamilton County; reduced asthma-related hospital admission rates and emergency department visits for children covered by Medicaid; opened a dental health clinic that handles 34,000 patient visits per year; reduced home injury rates in four local communities where we have installed safety equipment; and created the Health Network − a program that provides medical management and care coordination for 37,000 children on Medicaid throughout Southwest Ohio. Even with all this, we know there’s still much to be done. 

In our new five-year strategic plan, Changing the Outcome Together, we want to help kids in our community be the “healthiest in the nation.” The goal is ambitious and inspirational. We plan to accomplish this by: 

  • Listening to children and families in the neighborhoods to better understand their health concerns, needs, and hopes
  • Understanding that to improve health, we need to also address the social determinants of health, which include poverty, unemployment, and inadequate housing
  • Continuing to partner with outstanding organizations, agencies, nonprofits and government entities that already have a track record of success in helping to address pediatric health issues in our communities.
  • Identifying and investing in those where we can make a big difference; measuring our performance against those areas; and working hard to continually improve. 

This report provides a few examples of outstanding work we’re doing together with others to make Cincinnati a healthier place for our children. We thank you and the many partners who collaborate with us to change the outcome for kids.