Cincinnati Children's believes in the power of collective action to achieve the best health outcomes for children within the hospital and in the community. Based on best-practice models, Community Relations promotes active engagement, collaboration and communication with community stakeholders and partners. Through participation on various boards and committees, Community Relations staff work closely with community leaders to develop partnerships to address the needs of children and families within the community.

One such effort is through the Community Advisory Board, where community advisers and senior leadership within the hospital advise and guide the Office of Community Relations on its strategic plan, particularly in the areas of community health, community benefit, volunteerism, planning, and community partnerships that promote child health and well-being.

The board is comprised of three groups:

  • The Internal Community Advisory Committee, which serves as an advisory body to Community Relations and to senior management of Cincinnati Children's
  • The Community Advisory Council (CAC), which serves as a conduit between the local service community and hospital leadership and has representation from Cincinnati Children's regional satellite communities and area non-profit leaders
  • The Avondale Partnership Committee, a subcommittee of the CAC, which provides guidance on collaborating with and fostering positive engagement with Avondale, the community surrounding our base operations. Community leaders including residents and non-profit and faith leaders comprise the committee.