A photo of Jennifer Cully, DMD.

Jennifer Cully, DMD, MEd

  • Pediatric Dentist, Division of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
It is important for me to make dental care a fun and easy experience for my patients. Working with a child who is fearful and helping them feel comfortable in the dental office is my goal.



While home from college one summer break, I ran into my former soccer coach — a general dentist. After shadowing him in his office and then visiting multiple dental schools, I knew dentistry was for me.

I became a pediatric dentist because I have always enjoyed working with children. I spent many years coaching youth soccer and lacrosse teams and working as a camp counselor. As a pediatric dentist, I spend my days talking about princesses, the Avengers and singing Disney theme songs!

I enjoy interacting with children and families. One of my favorite parts of my job is developing relationships with kids and watching them grow. It is important for me to make dental care a fun and easy experience for my patients. Working with a child who is fearful and helping them feel comfortable in the dental office is my goal. Through detailed conversations with patients and families, I develop an evidence-based approach to dental care and a unique dental plan for each child.

As a pediatric dentist, my areas of interest are dental trauma and prevention, hospital dentistry and behavior management. I enjoy teaching and working with our 12 pediatric dentistry residents and am actively involved in national pediatric dentistry professional organizations.

In my research, my team and I are investigating the prevalence of trauma to primary (baby) teeth as well as minimizing dental treatment under general anesthesia. I also have worked on developing oral health education programs and dental trauma treatment protocols for medical students and physicians.


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