Marilyn J. Goske, MD

Radiologist, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging

Chair, Educational Council

Academic Affiliations

Emeritus, UC Department of Radiology

UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-803-1599

Fax 513-636-8145


Ultrasound and gastrointestinal imaging; medical and web-based education for pediatric radiology residents and fellows

Marilyn J. Goske, MD, is the Corning Benton Endowed Chair for Radiology Education and staff radiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Goske was awarded a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Faculty Award for service and advocacy on February 15, 2013. Dr. Goske also became a fellow of the American College of Radiology in May 2013.

She is the past chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR). As former president of SPR, she is the founder and chair of the international Image Gently® campaign focusing on using kid-sized imaging, rather than adult-sized, for children in the United States. This international campaign brings together over 75 organizations representing more than 700,000 imaging specialists who are involved in pediatrics, radiology, physics, and radiology technology.

Dr. Goske has written and presented extensively on subjects relating to professional standards of practice and patient care in radiology and has been published in of books, scientific journals, and on-line publications. She is past-chair of the RSNA Professionalism Committee. Additionally, she is currently a reviewer for Pediatric Radiology and the American Journal of Roentgenology.

MD: University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT.

Residency: Strong Memorial, Rochester, NY.

Fellowship: Strong Memorial Hospital, Penfield, NY.

Certification: ABR Radiology 1981, 1996, 2007.

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