Steven B. Hoath, MD

Academic Affiliations

Emeritus, UC Department of Pediatrics

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Human skin development; multiple roles of the skin in neonatal care; new perspectives on the skin as a sensory interface; role of the skin as an accessible environmental interface which complements ‘internal’ medicine; evidence-based organizational change in healthcare delivery to newborns; interface between medicine and nursing; focus on the bedside for the development of a truly “personalized” or “individualized” medicine in the future.


Epidermal barrier development (in utero and postnatal); fetal and neonatal skin adaptation (skin/environment interactions); tissue engineering of human skin (in vitro systems); innate immune function (biology of vernix and skin proteomics); development of non-invasive skin-based sensors for brain monitoring; role of the skin as a critical interface for health care delivery.

Dr. Hoath graduated from Stanford University and the University of Hamburg, Germany with majors in biology and German studies. He received his MD from the University of California, Los Angeles and completed his pediatric residency and fellowship in neonatology at UCLA before joining Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 1984.

He has a longstanding interest in the development of fetal and newborn skin and the multiple roles of the skin as a critical interface for healthcare delivery in the NICU. In 1994, he was one of seven international investigators participating in the first joint effort by NASA and the National Institutes of Health to study the effect of spaceflight and zero gravity on mammalian pregnancy and fetal development. This work grounds the idea of the skin as the ‘biological spacesuit’ for the human body.

He has authored multiple papers, chapters, and a book on neonatal skin development. He is an inventor on five patents awarded to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center based on the biology of the multifunctional fetal skin ‘cream’, vernix caseosa. Recent work has focused on the logico-mathematical organization of human epidermis and the close embryological connection of the skin and the brain.

Certification: American Board of Pediatrics, June 1983; Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, November, 1983.

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, 1983.

Residency: University of California, Los Angeles, 1977-79.

Internship: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, 1976-1977.

MD: University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 1976.

Fellowship: Neonatology, Harbor-UCLA, Los Angeles Medical Center, 1980-1982; Pathology, UCLA School of Medicine, 1973-1974.

Baccalaureate: Stanford University, Biology & German Studies, 1972.

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