Earl G. Siegel, PharmD

Managing Director, Drug and Poison Information Center

Academic Affiliation

Adjunct Professor, Pharmacy Practice; Professor Emeritus, Emergency Medicine

Phone 513-636-5053

Fax 513-636-5070

Email earl.siegel@cchmc.org

Toxicology; poison control; substance abuse and its prevention; inhalant abuse; injury prevention; disaster preparedness
In addition to having over 30 years experience in teaching and lecturing on multiple topics in pharmacology, toxicology and substance abuse, Dr. Siegel has experience both as an industry safety and legal consultant, and director of Pharmacy for Central Community Health Board. He has done research in addictionology, headache treatment, dermatology, alcohol detoxification and biopharmaceutics. He has published in the medical literature, written editorials, given hundreds of local/ state/ national presentations, co-authored a trainer of trainers manual, consulted on several videos, participated in several planning summits, and co-founded Parents for Education on Inhalant Abuse.

PharmD: University of Cincinnati, College of Pharmacy, 1985.

BS: Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati, 1972

Clinical Clerkships: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Headache Center, Pediatric and Adult Toxicology, Occupational and Environmental Toxicology.

Certification: Registered Pharmacist, Ohio, 1972-present; Certified Specialist in Poison Information, American Association of Poison Control Centers, 1985-present; Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist 1996-present.

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Training Opportunities and Lessons for Emergencies and All-Hazard Disaster (TO LEAD). Principal Investigator. Funding by HRSA through the Greater Cincinnati Hospital Association. July 2001–present.