Compatible with all 6 Individualized Residency Pathways

Residents interested in applying for the Research in Residency program can also take advantage the six individualized residency pathways available.

Cincinnati Children’s is dedicated to strengthening the research pipeline for future physician scientists and to help position our residents for the best and most competitive fellowships available.

To support these goals, Cincinnati Children’s has developed a unique opportunity to reward meritorious research proposals from residents in categorical pediatrics through the Research in Residency program.

Up to five proposals will be funded every year.

Who is eligible?

Residents (DO, MD or MD/PhD) interested in applying for the Research in Residency program should declare their intention to have a 4-6 month continuous concentration in research by early spring of intern year.

By declaring their intention, this will facilitate the scheduling of a continuous research block during years 2 or 3 At least 4 months of research must be planned with 3 of those months as a continuous block. Lesser durations of research will not be eligible for the award.

Research proposals in the areas of basic, translational, clinical, educational, and health services/outcomes/systems improvement research are welcome.

The Research in Residency program invites applications from residents in all the individual pathways in our pediatric residency program (research, primary care, global health, acute care, subspecialty, and hospitalist), provided that 4-6 months of research is proposed.

Application Process

By Dec 15th of the PL-1 or PL-2 year, residents planning a 5-6 month concentration in research must submit with the chosen mentor a four page application consisting of:

  • Background and Specific Aims: Specific aims must provide sufficient detail to judge the relevance to pediatrics and the potential for completion in the time allotted.
  • Candidate Biosketch
  • Budget: The standard budget page of this application will include a $3000 research award to the resident and up to $3000 in consumable supplies (e.g. laboratory supplies, mouse costs, statistical services).
  • Mentor’s Letter of Commitment: The mentor must submit a biosketch and a letter accepting the candidate into the research environment and committing to the completion of the project in the time allotted.

Proposal Review Process

Residents’ proposals will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel consisting of Cincinnati Children’s investigators with expertise in basic, translational, clinical, educational, and health services/outcomes/systems improvement research. All proposals will be ranked by priority score.

Up to five proposals will be funded in any given year.

Approved proposals

Residents whose proposals are selected for funding will receive $3,000 for supplies at the outset of the project, a $1000 travel stipend in additional to the standard resident travel funds, and a $3,000 research award at the completion of the project, pending written confirmation of completion from the mentor.

Residents who are awarded a $2,000 grant from the AAP will receive a supply budget of $2,000 from Cincinnati Children’s.

All residents who submit proposals will receive written feedback.

Proposals not approved

Residents whose proposals are not selected for funding will be able to undertake their proposed projects, if the mentor agrees.