Lu Han.Hometown: Sichuan, Chengdu, China
Undergraduate Institution: China Pharmaceutical University, Jiangsu, China
Project: Lung development in mouse

I traveled a long way from my hometown to join people with a similar passion for science as mine, as well as to participate in excellent scientific work. I became interested in life science because life is so amazing, yet still so mysterious. Plenty of work has been done in this field and many of the findings are quite stimulating. As I learn more, I become even more excited and eager to make my own contributions to this field.

I applied for the Cincinnati Children’s MDB program primarily because of its diverse research areas. I am interested in many different fields of study, so working in rotations is something that gives me a chance to learn about different areas that may shape my career path. Another attraction of the program is the supportive environment for students here. The benefits and stipends are very appropriate for the cost of living in Cincinnati. Even more importantly, our program values its students and regards us as important resources.

But the thing that stands out the most to me since I have been here is the friendliness of faculty and colleagues. It is not uncommon to see PIs work in the lab alongside the students. Everyone is willing to discuss and share their knowledge with you. The friendly atmosphere can even be felt in the elevator or in the hallway.

Here is some good news especially for prospective Chinese students: there are many Chinese people studying and working here; there's a Chinese church offering ride every weekend; there's even an Asian market where you can buy nearly every Chinese product or food you might need. We're here waiting for you!