Michael Workman.Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Undergraduate Institution: Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I began working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a research assistant in the Division of Developmental Biology. It was a great experience, but I desired to complement it with a rotation through the biotech sector and pursued an opportunity to work on an algae-to-biofuel pilot project funded by Royal Dutch Shell. Both work experiences taught me that the advancing fields of science are requiring better-trained and more highly educated individuals. It was apparent that I needed to return to school and pursue an advanced degree in order to follow a career path that interested me.

The choice of programs was easy after having worked at Cincinnati Children’s, and I was excited to return to the hospital as a graduate student. The combination of a degree granting program through the University of Cincinnati and the ability to conduct all my research at the state of the art facilities of a top children’s hospital really sets the MDB program apart from so many other graduate programs across the country. The program strikes an excellent balance between applied and fundamental research and is supported by some really great faculty. I would recommend the program to anyone looking for a research-intensive graduate experience with faculty that fully support their students.