Cincinnati Children’s continues to expand our collaborations with medical centers throughout the world. These partnerships allow us to not only share our expertise and bring hope and healing to more children across the globe, but they also provide the opportunity for our experts to learn from other world-class institutions.

Our strategic partnership with Israel and the Israel Exchange Program are improving care for children in that nation while allowing Cincinnati Children’s to benefit from Israel’s expertise in:

  • Technological leadership – Over the last 20 years, Israel has become widely recognized for its advances in technology, particularly in medical devices, telecommunications, information technology, electronics and the study of life sciences.
  • Scientific focus – Israel’s commitment and investment per capita in scientific research and development is among the most significant in the world.
  • Emergency preparedness – Israel hosts the International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters. Staff members from Cincinnati Children’s attended this year’s conference and have invited experts to join disaster drills in Cincinnati.