Sisters Support Each Other, Cincinnati Children’s

Everyone who knew sisters Emma Bradshaw and Rose Abrecht noticed the way they looked after each other – and anyone else who needed them. Even now that they have both passed away, Emma and Rose are continuing to care for others, including the children and families of Cincinnati Children’s.

The Cincinnati natives “were very close,” says their attorney James K. Rice. “They were very family-oriented and took care of each other. What one had, she gave to her sister.”

The sisters lived together virtually their entire lives. When Emma wed Leroy Bradshaw, the couple moved into the same apartment building as Rose, who never married. When Leroy passed away, the sisters shared an apartment well into their 90s. As Emma’s health started to decline, the sisters were forced to look at their future.

Emma and Rose put a plan in place so even in death they could show their love for each other. They established trusts that would pay annual income to the surviving sister for life. When Emma passed away in 2005, at age 97, her trust provided funds for Rose. When Rose passed away in 2011, at age 99, the remaining money in both trusts went to predetermined charities, including Cincinnati Children’s.

Sharon Roberts and her husband were the sisters’ landlords for many years, and they became good friends. She was not surprised to learn that Emma and Rose made a plan to take care of the surviving sister and to partner with deserving nonprofits.

“They were the kindest, most generous people you could ever meet,” Sharon says. “They would take care of themselves and others who needed it.”

“There was a woman who lived in the apartment building who was older and in poor health,” Sharon remembers. “Rose would give her money so she could have what she needed. They were just like that. They would help you any way they could.”

The compassion Rose and Emma showed during their lifetimes continues to grow as their gifts help to improve the outcome for sick and injured children at Cincinnati Children’s and their families.

You can make an impact in the life of a sick child simply by making a gift to Cincinnati Children’s.  

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