O’Neill Recognizes Us as Leader in Patient and Employee Safety

Paul O'Neill.Cincinnati Children’s is committed to transforming the quality, safety and reliability of pediatric healthcare, both within the walls of the medical center and beyond.

The recent establishment of the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence gives Cincinnati Children’s the tools, organization and expertise needed to remain vigilant in this important work.

Paul O’Neill, former secretary of the U.S. Treasury and leading expert on healthcare quality improvement, recently acknowledged these efforts. O’Neill said that Cincinnati Children’s is “one of only a handful of places that is held up as an example of what is possible” in this work.

O’Neill cited a number of reasons why Cincinnati Children’s is considered a national leader and inspirational model for improving the safety and reliability of healthcare, including:

  • Our efforts to measure the right things and in “human terms,” for example, the amount of time nurses spend at the bedside with patients
  • Our commitment to tracking and openly sharing information about workplace injuries, a true indication that our workforce is valued as our most important asset
  • Our quest to be “habitually perfect” – to continually strive to deliver care perfectly

O’Neill commended the medical center for what has already been accomplished and encouraged us to stay committed to our ideals – to never be satisfied with where we are.

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