Mayerson Center Helps Restore Safety and Wholeness to Children

Warm hugs, reassuring smiles and moments of undivided attention from a parent or guardian are key ingredients in the growth of healthy, successful children. But for too many children, neglect and abuse are all they know.

A thoughtful gift from Manuel and Rhoda Mayerson provided seed money to help establish the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Cincinnati Children’s. The center has been a leading advocate and source of hope for children for nearly 15 years.

Earlier this spring, Manuel passed away, but his legacy will not be forgotten. In addition to helping to establish the center, Manuel and Rhoda have included Cincinnati Children’s in their estate plans so the center can continue its vital work for years to come.

Facts about the Mayerson Center

  • The center treats more than 2,000 children for whom abuse or neglect is suspected each year.
  • Medical personnel, social service agencies, police, prosecutors and other community partners have offices in the Mayerson Center to increase collaboration.
  • Ongoing research to improve the lives of abused and neglected children is a priority.
  • The center provides educational opportunities to help local doctors and nurses better recognize the symptoms of abuse and a telemedicine program that helps impact the lives of children living in remote communities.

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