Patient Plants Seeds for Healing

Morgan may be only 11 years old, but she already knows the importance of giving back. A frequent patient of Cincinnati Children’s, she is also a budding philanthropist.

Morgan. A few years ago, Morgan learned how to grow tomatoes from her nana. Each summer, she sells the produce at a small stand and donates the money to Cincinnati Children’s.

“Every year I sell tomatoes, and many people come to my stand,” Morgan says. “They think it’s great that I am donating the money to Cincinnati Children’s. It’s a lot of fun knowing where the money is going.”

Morgan wants to give back because she knows what it feels like to be sick. Before she was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and asthma, she was in a lot of pain. She was often sick and had numerous bouts with pneumonia.

“There were many times I had to come to the hospital,” Morgan says. “I’ve had many surgeries and overnight stays.”

Morgan’s health was holding her back from enjoying the active lifestyle she loves.

“The doctors at Cincinnati Children’s helped me get better,” she says. And she hopes her contributions will help other kids just like her.

Morgan’s health is better now. She is able to participate in many of her favorite activities, including soccer, cross country and tae kwon do (she’s now a black belt).

As Morgan returns to the medical center for follow-up care, she hopes that other children are able to receive the same expert care she does. She will continue to grow and sell tomatoes in the hope that her contributions will change the outcome for other patients.

“One of the main things I want the hospital to do with the money we donate is to use it to help sick children get better,” she says.

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