Kids wearing masks jumping on pogo sticks.

Who can face the tallest of obstacles with the might of a giant? Kids can. And who can always see their peers as equals, no matter their race, gender or ability? Kids can. When we work as one to empower every child, the only thing kids can't do is allow a word like "can't" to stop them.

The resources below were created to help keep our kids amazingly strong—through the current times and beyond.

Mental Health and Coping with the Pandemic

What Stressed Parents Can Do During COVID-19

Many parents are stressed and overwhelmed. They’ve lost jobs, their familiar routines and a sense of control. These 7 therapeutic strategies could offer some relief.

Staying Well

Being worried, confused or scared during difficult times is normal. It’s how we choose to react to those feelings that’s important. This video can help.

COVID-19 & Kids: Identifying Mental Health Problems

Here’s how to look for symptoms of anxiety, depression and sleep problems in your children, plus 5 steps you can take to help them.

Learning Tips

COVID-19: Tips to Help Kids Wear Face Masks

Masks are proven to be effective—and we have advice for helping kids understand them and wear them.

9 Remote Learning Tips During COVID-19

Kids can adapt to challenges, and remote learning is no different. Here are some tips to help them adjust.

Ways to Keep Kids Exercising During COVID-19

It’s important that children stay physically active in these challenging times. Here are four tips for fun family exercise.

COVID-19: Answers Your Kids Can Understand

What Is Social Distancing?

The reasons why we should stay 6 feet apart—and how a kid can visualize 6 feet.

Stop Germs From Spreading: Wash Your Hands

Did you know that sometimes when people get sick, like with COVID-19, it’s because of tiny things called germs?

Why Do You Wear a Mask?

It’s a little like being a superhero. In fact, it’s a lot like that.

Get Care With Confidence

How We Are Keeping Patients, Families and Visitors Safe

We’re taking every precaution to protect your child and your family while you’re getting care with us.

24/7 Video Visits With the CincyKids Health Connect App

Get the care your child needs without leaving the comforts of home—our doctors are as close as your phone or computer.

When To Seek Care for COVID-19 Symptoms

Are you concerned your child might be showing signs of COVID-19? Here’s what to look for.

The Importance of Well-Child Visits During COVID-19

Well-child visits aren’t only safe but ensure kids get the vaccines, screenings and developmental checkups that are critical to health.

Two kids reading a book in a pillow fort.

More Resources for Helping Families Adapt

From family time and fitness to behavior management and coping tips, find more helpful resources for nurturing your children -- and yourself.