For many children and young adults with special healthcare needs, providing a safe and healthy environment is important. For those with significant chronic illness, home healthcare is essential. Sometimes finding residential options outside of home may become necessary.

We provide information and resources to help you with:

  • Discharge Planning: When it’s time to go home from the hospital, we want you and your family to be prepared.
  • Home Healthcare: We give you tips on what to look for from nursing care to therapy and how to get financial assistance.
  • Home Modifications and Child Safety: Find suggestions on improving accessibility and equipment that can help provide a safe environment.
  • Emergency and Disaster Planning: It is important to have a well thought out plan ready for your child with special needs in the event you are faced with a sudden emergency or disaster.
  • Residential Options: Sometimes children with chronic debilitating illnesses may need care in a long-term, or extended care, facility.