Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s conduct hundreds of studies each year to figure out why people get sick and what treatments might help them. Discoveries researchers make in the lab can lead to even better treatments and ways to prevent diseases from happening in the first place. Did you know you could be part of the process of helping our scientists solve medical mysteries? You can participate by joining a research study.

Here’s what we’re recruiting volunteers for now. 

Pre-School Children with Self-Control Difficulties

What: A research study to develop and test an intervention that teaches self-control, memory and the ability to concentrate and focus to preschoolers and their parents.

Who: Preschool children 3 and 4 years old who have self-control problems may be eligible to participate.

Pay: $100 for your time.

Contact: | Phone: 513-803-1345

Food Challenge Research Study

Has your child been tested at an allergist’s once for a milk, egg or peanut food allergy?

What: We want to study a blood test that looks at the specific proteins found in food so we can possibly give more accurate results regarding food allergies.

Who: Infants, children and teens up to 18 years old who have a milk, egg or peanut allergy based on an oral food challenge may be eligible to participate. An oral food challenge is a test done where an individual is exposed to a certain food in the physician’s office to determine if that food will trigger a reaction in the body.

Pay: $10 gift card for this one study visit where they will have one blood draw.

Contact: Kelly at | Phone: 513-636-0604 

Focus: An Investigational Medication Research Study

Has your child or teen had a moderate to severe head injury? Do they have trouble with concentration or staying focused?

What: We want to learn more about how a medication that helps with attention problems can help children who have had a moderate to severe head injury.

Who: Children ages 6 to 17 years old who have had a moderate to severe head injury (six months to four years ago) and now have attention difficulties may be eligible for participation.

Pay: $125 for time and travel

Contact: Jessica King at | Phone: 513--636-9631