Surgical weight loss workshop to be held March 2 and 3 at Cincinnati Children’s.

Cincinnati Children's will host its annual workshop, "Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: From Assessment to Long-Term Management," on March 2 and 3 at Cincinnati Children's.

This course, designed for pediatric surgeons, pediatricians, psychologists and other allied health workers, will be led by Thomas Inge, MD, PhD, and Stavra Xanthakos, MD, MS, of the Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens. The course will focus broadly on the preoperative multidisciplinary assessment, preoperative weight management, operative procedures appropriate for teenagers (including laparoscopic gastric bypass, banding, and sleeve gastrectomy), and postoperative management of the issues unique to youth.

This course meets the guidelines as established in the "Framework for Post-Residency Surgical Education and Training." More information.