The Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s has been selected to receive a four-year,  $2 million gift to support its new Neurodevelopmental Clinic, a special program designed to address the psychosocial and education needs of children with complex heart problems.

Research shows that children with complex heart problems face an increased risk of speech and  learning disorders; attention, behavioral or emotional problems; delayed fine and gross motor skills and other issues.

The new clinic will organize an array of experts to identify and address these issues as early as possible to help children reach their fullest potential.  The multidisciplinary team includes pediatric cardiologists, neurologists, psychologists, advanced practice nurses, educational specialists, social workers, and more.

The $2 million gift comes from Kindervelt, the hospital’s largest volunteer auxiliary with more than 1,000 members in the Greater Cincinnati region. Since it was founded in 1971, Kindervelt has provided more than $15 million to initiatives and programs at Cincinnati Children’s including gifts to support critical care, trauma, asthma and adolescent medicine.

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