Six research projects that show promise for commercial development have been selected to share $500,000 from the Innovation Fund at Cincinnati Children’s and $100,000 from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

The fund – now in its second year – provides early-stage bridge funding to further develop discoveries into medically and commercially viable products ready for outside investment.

“The Innovation Fund allows the medical center to select promising projects developed by its researchers and accelerate their bench-to-bedside transition and entry to the patient care market,” says Niki Robinson, PhD, assistant vice president of the Center for Technology Commercialization (CTC). “This funding provides crucial financial support at a critical time to projects that otherwise might not continue their development.”

The funded projects include:

  • Ted Denson, MD, Gastroenterology: Development of a diagnostic technology that can distinguish between Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 
  • Charles (Chuck) Dumoulin, PhD, Radiology: Continued development of a novel neonatal MRI scanner for premature babies who are frequently too fragile to transport beyond the NICU.  
  • William Hardie, MD, Pulmonary Medicine: Confirming the effectiveness of a prospective oral therapy that would target a specific molecule (P70S6K) to reverse pulmonary fibrosis. 
  • Punam Malik, MD, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology: Continued study of an improved y-globin gene developed for a prospective Phase I/II clinical trial of gene therapy for sickle cell disease. 
  • Senthil Sadhasivam, MD, MPH, Anesthesia : Development of a rapid point-of-care genetic test and decision support tool that allows physicians to precisely tailor the use of opioids for pain management. 
  • Hector Wong, MD, Division of Critical Care Medicine – Further testing of a novel diagnostic biomarker (IL-27) for rapid and early identification of sepsis in patients.