We understand much more about the complex processes at work in human development thanks to the many scientific contributions made by Christopher Wylie, PhD, Director, Division of Developmental Biology.

Wylie was honored Feb. 15, 2013, with a research achievement award during the 2nd annual Faculty Awards presented by Cincinnati Children’s.

Wylie’s four-decade career includes landmark discoveries about how the germ layer forms and how germ cells migrate; how cell shape and rigidity can direct tissue and organ development; and how the body repairs vertebrae and tendons.

He has authored more than 170 peer-reviewed papers and founded the journal Development. He sits on several scientific councils and has served as president of the Society for Developmental Biology. Wylie also has mentored many developmental biologists who have become internationally recognized in their own right.

Wylie’s recognition was part of an event that also recognized 11 other outstanding faculty members at Cincinnati Children’s. They are:

Mentoring achievement awards

  • Sandra Degen, PhD, Associate Chair for Academic Affairs, Department of Pediatrics
  • Melissa Klein, MD, Med, Associate Director, Pediatric Residency Training Program

Entrepreneurial achievement awards

  • Prasad Devarajan, MD, Director, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension
  • David Larson, MD, MBA, Division of Radiology and Janet L. Strife Chair, Radiology Quality and Safety

Educational achievement awards

  • Javier Gonzalez del Rey, MD, Med, Director, Pediatric Residency Programs and Associate Director, Division of Emergency Medicine
  • Gurjit K. Khurana Hershey, MD, PhD, Director, Division of Asthma Research
  • Jennifer O’Toole, MD, Med, Medical Director of Education, Division of Hospital Medicine 

Service & advocacy award

  • Marilyn Goske, MD,  Silverman Chair for Radiology Education

Research achievement award

  • Saima Riazuddin, PhD, MPH, MBA, Division of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery

Clinical care achievement awards

  • Frederick Ryckman, MD, Professor of Surgery – Transplantation and Senior Vice President, Medical Operations
  • Junichi Tamai, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics