The Physician Services Department at Cincinnati Children’s provides local healthcare professionals with an online toolkit, complete with resources that are beneficial for their practice, as well as materials that can be shared with patients and families.

The toolkit follows an alphabetical structure to ensure convenient navigation. To find information for a specific area, click on the letter that corresponds with a particular area. If you have trouble locating specific information, email

Sections of the Toolkit

  • A Listings: Adolescent and Transition Medicine, Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder; Audiology, Autism (Kelly O'Leary Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • B Listings: Better Health and Nutrition (Center for); Behavioral Health and Clinical Psychology; Breastfeeding Medicine (Center for)
  • C Listings: Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute; Continuing Medical Education
  • D Listings: Dentistry and Orthodontics; Dermatology; Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
  • E Listings: Emergency Department / Urgent Care; Endocrinology; Evidence Based Guidelines
  • F Listings: Financial Assistance
  • G Listings: Gastroenterology; Hepatology and Nutrition; General Pediatrics; Guest Services and Clinical Concierge; Gynecology (Pediatric and Adolescent) 
  • H Listings: Health Information Management; Heart Institute; Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations; Home Health; Hospital Medicine; Human Genetics
  • I Listings: Infectious Diseases; Influenza; Injury Prevention; Integrative Care
  • L Listings: Lab Services; Lindner Center of Hope
  • M Listings: Maps and Driving Directions; Mental Health; My Chart
  • N Listings: Neighborhood Locations; Neurosurgery; New Physician Announcements
  • O Listings: Orthopaedic Surgery; Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy
  • P Listings: Pancreas Care Center; Perinatal Institute; Physician Priority Link; Psychiatry; Psychology; Pulmonary Medicine
  • R Listings: Radiology and Medical Imaging, Referral Assistance
  • S Listings: Spine Center (Crawford); Sports Medicine; Surgical Service
  • T Listings: Transport Team; Travel Clinic
  • U Listings: Urgent Care; Urology