Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to present this year’s annual report of the top scientific achievements of the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. As you will soon see, this publication assembles a truly remarkable set of insights, innovations and discoveries produced by our equally remarkable and steadily growing faculty.

In many ways, this report helps establish a baseline for the next five years as we embark upon our strategic objective to lead the world in improving child health through our collaborative culture of discovery, translation and learning. We are accelerating our efforts to expand the impact of our research enterprise across the entire spectrum of discovery, from basic exploration of the mechanisms of human health and disease, through the process of translating innovation into practice, all the way to assessing the impact of research upon community health.

In this publication, you can read about six of the most innovative, farthest reaching breakthroughs achieved at Cincinnati Children’s since 2010. You can also read about more than 50 significant discoveries achieved in fiscal 2015. Yet I want to emphasize that these works represent just a portion of the high-impact research happening here, just one slice of the output generated by a scientific infrastructure that took decades to build. In just the past year, our faculty published more than 2,000 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, books and other publications. Very few pediatric medical centers can match this level of productivity.

The cover of this report celebrates the inspiring art installed throughout our new Clinical Sciences Pavilion, the latest physical example of our deep and ongoing commitment to research. The content of this report outlines many other ways Cincinnati Children’s supports our mission to improve child health through scientific endeavor. We have established a wide variety of internally funded pilot grant programs to nurture emerging concepts. We invest in more than 20 research core facilities to make the very best technology available to some of the very best minds in pediatrics.

Our ability to invest in outstanding people and our long track record of collaboration have placed Cincinnati Children’s in the position to be a significant force in the emerging world of “team science.” We look forward to forging new partnerships and collaborations with other leading pediatric institutions. Together, we will make bold progress against the greatest challenges in improving child health. Five years from now, we expect to report upon an even more remarkable set of scientific achievements.

Margaret K. Hostetter, MD
B.K. Rachford Professor
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Director, Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation
Chief Medical Officer
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center