Annual Grant Award Dollars

Investigator Title Sponsor ID Dates Amount
Vidya Chidambaran, MD Morphine Pharmacogenomics to Predict Risk of Respiratory Depression in Children National Institutes of Health K23 HD082782 9/1/2014 - 6/30/2019 $131,085
Robert C Coghill, PHD Brain Mechanisms Supporting Individual Differences in Pain National Institutes of Health R01 NS085391 7/1/2015 - 4/30/2020 $1,143,631
Steve Danzer, PHD mTOR Regulation of Aberrant Neuronal Integration and Epileptogenesis in Epilepsy National Institutes of Health R01 NS062806 4/15/2015 - 3/31/2020 $352,791
Steve Danzer, PHD Identification and Reversal of Primary and Secondary Epileptogenic Changes National Institutes of Health R01 NS065020 5/1/2014 - 4/30/2019 $341,250
Bethany Hosford Impact of Targeted Granule Cell Ablation on Seizure Frequencies in the Epileptic Mouse National Institutes of Health F31 NS092363 9/18/2015 - 9/17/2016 $32,203
Michael P Jankowski, PHD Mechanisms of Muscle Afferent Sensitization after Ischemia National Institutes of Health R01 AR064551 9/17/2013 - 8/31/2018 $325,125
Christopher D. King, PHD Psychological and Physiological Correlates of Endrogenous Pain Modulation in Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder National Institutes of Health R00 DE022368 8/1/2015 - 7/31/2018 $248,999
Erica Peiyeh Lin, MD Protective Anesthetic Strategies during Neonatal Brain Ischema International Anesthesia Research Societ IARS - Lin,Erica 7/1/2015 - 6/30/2017 $75,000
Rajeev Subramanyam, MD-MS Development and Prediction of a Pediatric Risk Prediction Tool for Post-Tonsillectomy Readmissions Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Peds Anest - Subrama 1/1/2016 - 12/31/2016 $50,000
Total Annual Grant Award Dollars $2,700,084

Annual Industry Award Dollars

Investigator Industry Sponsor Amount
Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, MD Grunenthal Group $151,890
Total Annual Industry Award Dollars $151,890