CCTST Integration Committee Helps Build Bridges Between Theory and Practice

The Integration Committee of the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) was established as a pilot project with three, interconnected goals: help researchers formulate strategies for improvement, overcome environmental challenges and build collaborations.

That was three years ago. Since then, more than 68 faculty at all levels have benefitted from Integration meetings and support, including 22 faculty in fiscal year 2016.

As a testament to its success, demand has grown sufficiently that it is important for investigators to schedule in advance.

The CCTST, directed by James Heubi, MD, serves the University of Cincinnati, its Academic Health Center partners and the community from its location in the “S” building at Cincinnati Children’s.

The core of the Innovation Committee is comprised of senior research faculty from across the Academic Health Center, who share a broad range of expertise.

A typical meeting scenario: a researcher or team of researchers is invited to briefly present their work and any challenges they face. Supporting documents are provided in advance. The group brainstorms ideas for accelerating the research, be it through key collaborators, helping the researcher navigate mentor-mentee relationships, or exploring available support services.

Service does not end when the meetings do. A committee member is assigned to support the guest(s) longitudinally, following up and tracking progress. Formal evaluation of the program in general and of each individual case is ongoing through the CCTST Evaluation Core.

Follow-up surveys have shown that investigators feel that the help of the committee has been greatly beneficial to their research and career development.

“Just knowing that this amazingly accomplished group of researchers cared enough to sit down with me and were available down the road was invaluable,” says one participant in an anonymous survey.