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Chen et al. explored the control of nephron progenitor lifespan which determines the number of nephrons an individual has by single-cell transcription profiling and heterochronic cell transplantation. They observed progressive age-dependent changes with increasing heterogeneity in older populations. Young cells can ‘‘rejuvenate’’ older progenitors, and age dependent changes alter the niche environment, affect inter-progenitor interactions, and contribute to the cessation of nephrogenesis.
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Hass et al. developed SpDamID by splitting DAM into inactive halves. Proximity-enabled DAM reconstitution methylates adenine in GATC on genomic DNA bound in vivo by interacting or juxtapositioned transcription factors. SpDamID is a powerful tool that enables dynamic analysis of combinatorial protein interactions with DNA at a genome-wide level.
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This study shows that Cdc42 regulates synapse formation of monosynaptic sensory-motor circuits.
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The complex genetic networks controlling fetal lung development are poorly understood.  Rankin and Han et al., show that an evolutionarily conserved cell signaling cascade coordinates tissue interactions that are essential for initial development respiratory system in frogs, mice and human stem cells. This work informs our understanding of congenital birth defects and our ability to make human lung tissue in a dish for regenerative medicine.
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This study shows reorganization of spleen-spinal cord circuitry after spinal cord injury, and inhibition of excitatory interneurons inhibits immune suppression.