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The study described the development of natural language processing and machine learning to review free text in an electronic medical record to identify potential epilepsy surgery candidates. This allowed inclusion of often overlooked patients, while also expediting the process of identification.
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This manuscript addressed the recurrence of headaches after acute infusion treatment or inpatient treatment of pediatric and adolescent migraine, allowing for prediction of who would be more likely to require additional treatment options.
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This study examined the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy in children and adolescents, finding that cognitive behavioral study was more effective than educational controls in reducing headache frequency to one a week or less.
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This study examined both the outcomes and cost of epilepsy surgery in the pediatric population, identifying that if surgery freedom is achieved, the overall cost is reduced. This manuscript also received a resident award from the Child Neurology Society.
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This study demonstrated early evidence for a potential physiological biomarker of cortical plasticity in youth with ASD using a rapid low-intensity rTMS protocol with a discriminate measure at 20 minutes following stimulation. It builds on the growing evidence of rTMS in the understanding and treatment of neurological conditions in children.