2017 Research Annual Report
From the Board

From Our Board

We believe in sharing our ideas, our discoveries and our advancements so that children in Cincinnati and around the world can thrive.

Our Board of Trustees is deeply committed to this belief, one of the core tenets of our organization.

Through our Research Foundation, we continue to build our unique collaborative culture by investing in our talented scientists and research teams from more than 80 countries. Their efforts and results astound us even as we are reminded every day by our patients and families that there is so much more to do to improve pediatric medicine and discover cures for disease.

This year’s Research Annual Report highlights a few of the dramatic innovations and discoveries we see occurring throughout our institution and in collaboration with other leading investigators around the world. Our progress is making an impact from fundamental understanding of cellular biology to innovations in practice brought to the bedside.

Our board is excited to follow in the footsteps of William Cooper Procter, who gave a transformational endowment gift to further pediatric research in 1938. In this environment of change and uncertain government funding, we are committed to personally investing in the vision of Cincinnati Children’s: to be the leader in improving child health.

The continued investment we make in talent, shared research facilities, biomedical informatics, genomics technology, and in our community, contributes directly to the success of our faculty, the new knowledge described in this report, and the future of our children.

Thank you to all of our fellow donors, partners, funders and the community who are changing the outcome together for children around the world.

Thomas Cody
Chair, Board of Trustees

Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD
Research Chair

Michael Fisher
President and CEO

Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD  Research Chair; Thomas Cody Chair, Board of Trustees; Michael Fisher President and CEO

Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD, Thomas Cody and Michael Fisher