Faculty Recruitment

This year was a highly successful year of faculty recruitment. We received over 180 applications, and invited over a dozen candidates to interview. We have recruited Dr. Ertugrul Ozbudak, PhD, from Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Dr. Makiko Iwafuchi-Doi from UPENN; and Dr. Amanda Zacharias, also from UPENN, as primary division faculty. We have also being instrumental in the recruitment of two joint appointment faculty into other divisions: Dr. William Zacharias from UPENN to the Division of Pulmonary Biology, and Dr. Juan Sanchez-Gurmaches, PhD, from UMASS to the Division of Endocrinology. The addition of these new faculty are a great asset to the Division of Developmental Biology.

Fundamental New Discoveries

Investigators in the division continue to make fundamental new discoveries ranging from: the mechanisms that maintain sensory-motor circuits in the nervous system (Ima, et al. Cell Reports. 2016); genetic programs controlling the earliest stages of lung development (Rankin, et al. Cell Reports. 2016); to the worlds first generation of human stomach organoids from pluripotent stem cells (McCraken, et al. Nature. 2017).