Top Publications from FY17 Based on Impact Factor

  1. Goyal NK; Folger AT; Hall ES; Teeters A; Van Ginkel JB; Ammerman RT. Multilevel assessment of prenatal engagement in home visiting. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 2016; 70:888-894.
  2. Ammerman RT; Mallow PJ; Rizzo JA; Putnam FW; Van Ginkel JB. Cost-effectiveness of In-Home Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for low-income depressed mothers participating in early childhood prevention programs. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2017; 208:475-482.
  3. Folger AT; Putnam KT; Putnam FW; Peugh JL; Eismann EA; Sa T; Shapiro RA; Van Ginkel JB; Ammerman RT. Maternal Interpersonal Trauma and Child Social-Emotional Development: An Intergenerational Effect. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology. 2017; 31:99-107.
  4. Shenk CE; Ammerman RT; Teeters AR; Bensman HE; Allen EK; Putnam FW; van Ginkel JB. History of Maltreatment in Childhood and Subsequent Parenting Stress in At-Risk, First-Time Mothers: Identifying Points of Intervention During Home Visiting. Prevention Science. 2017; 18:361-370.
  5. Goyal NK; Folger AT; Hall ES; Greenberg JM; Van Ginkel JB; Ammerman RT. Y Home visiting for first-time mothers and subsequent pregnancy spacing. Journal of Perinatology. 2017; 37:144-149.