Top 25 Publications from FY17 Based on Impact Factor

  1. Luongo TS; Lambert JP; Gross P; Nwokedi M; Lombardi AA; Shanmughapriya S; Carpenter AC; Kolmetzky D; Gao E; van Berlo JH. The mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchanger is essential for Ca2+ homeostasis and viability. Nature. 2017; 545:93-97.
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  4. Mukherjee R; Mareninova OA; Odinokova IV; Huang W; Murphy J; Chvanov M; Javed MA; Wen L; Booth DM; Cane MC. Mechanism of mitochondrial permeability transition pore induction and damage in the pancreas: inhibition prevents acute pancreatitis by protecting production of ATP. Gut. 2016; 65:1333-1346.
  5. Yutzey KE. Cardiomyocyte Proliferation Teaching an Old Dogma New Tricks. Circulation Research. 2017; 120:627-629.
  6. Cai CL; Molkentin JD. The Elusive Progenitor Cell in Cardiac Regeneration Slip Slidin' Away. Circulation Research. 2017; 120:400-406.
  7. Wallner M; Duran JM; Mohsin S; Troupes CD; Vanhoutte D; Borghetti G; Vagnozzi RJ; Gross P; Yu D; Trappanese DM. Acute Catecholamine Exposure Causes Reversible Myocyte Injury Without Cardiac Regeneration. Circulation Research. 2016; 119:865-879.
  8. Liu R; van Berlo JH; York AJ; Vagnozzi RJ; Maillet M; Molkentin JD. DUSP8 Regulates Cardiac Ventricular Remodeling by Altering ERK1/2 Signaling. Circulation Research. 2016; 119:249-260.
  9. Quinn ME; Goh Q; Kurosaka M; Gamage DG; Petrany MJ; Prasad V; Millay DP. Myomerger induces fusion of non-fusogenic cells and is required for skeletal muscle development. Nature Communications. 2017; 8:15665.
  10. Kanisicak O; Khalil H; Ivey MJ; Karch J; Maliken BD; Correll RN; Brody MJ; Lin SCJ; Aronow BJ; Tallquist MD. Genetic lineage tracing defines myofibroblast origin and function in the injured heart. Nature Communications. 2016; 7:12260.
  11. Bakeer N; James J; Roy S; Wansapura J; Shanmukhappa SK; Lorenz JN; Osinska H; Backer K; Huby AC; Shrestha A. Sickle cell anemia mice develop a unique cardiomyopathy with restrictive physiology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2016; 113:E5182-E5191.
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  13. Rydeen AB; Waxman JS. Cyp26 Enzymes Facilitate Second Heart Field Progenitor Addition and Maintenance of Ventricular Integrity. PLoS biology. 2016; 14:e2000504.
  14. Kamal FA; Travers JG; Schafer AE; Ma Q; Devarajan P; Blaxall BC. G Protein-Coupled Receptor-G-Protein beta gamma-Subunit Signaling Mediates Renal Dysfunction and Fibrosis in Heart Failure. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN. 2017; 28:197-208.
  15. Goh Q; Millay DP. Requirement of myomaker-mediated stem cell fusion for skeletal muscle hypertrophy. eLife. 2017; 6.
  16. Vanhoutte D; Schips TG; Kwong JQ; Davis J; Tjondrokoesoemo A; Brody MJ; Sargent MA; Kanisicak O; Yi H; Gao QQ. Thrombospondin expression in myofibers stabilizes muscle membranes. eLife. 2016; 5.
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  18. Gomez-Stallons MV; Wirrig-Schwendeman EE; Hassel KR; Conway SJ; Yutzey KE. Bone Morphogenetic Protein Signaling Is Required for Aortic Valve Calcification. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 2016; 36:1398-1405.
  19. Correll RN; Makarewich CA; Zhang H; Zhang C; Sargent MA; York AJ; Berretta RM; Chen X; Houser SR; Molkentin JD. Caveolae-localized L-type Ca2+ channels do not contribute to function or hypertrophic signalling in the mouse heart. Cardiovascular Research. 2017; 113:749-759.
  20. Hulin A; Moore V; James JM; Yutzey KE. Loss of Axin2 results in impaired heart valve maturation and subsequent myxomatous valve disease. Cardiovascular Research. 2017; 113:40-51.
  21. Seidlmayer LK; Kuhn J; Berbner A; Arias-Loza PA; Williams T; Kaspar M; Czolbe M; Kwong JQ; Molkentin JD; Heinze KG. Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-mediated sarcoplasmic reticulum-mitochondrial crosstalk influences adenosine triphosphate production via mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake through the mitochondrial ryanodine receptor in cardiac myocytes. Cardiovascular Research. 2016; 112:491-501.
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