Top 25 Publications from FY17 Based on Impact Factor

  1. Katerndahl CDS; Heltemes-Harris LM; Willette MJL; Henzler CM; Frietze S; Yang R; Schjerven H; Silverstein KAT; Ramsey LB; Hubbard G. Antagonism of B cell enhancer networks by STAT5 drives leukemia and poor patient survival. Nature Immunology. 2017; 18:694-704.
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  3. Russell K; Oliver SE; Lewis L; Barfield WD; Cragan J; Meaney-Delman D; Staples JE; Fischer M; Peacock G; Oduyebo T. Update: Interim guidance for the evaluation and management of infants with possible congenital Zika virus infection - United States, August 2016. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Recommendations and Reports Rr. 2016; 65:870-878.
  4. Ramsey LB; Mizuno T; Vinks AA; Margolis PA. Learning Health Systems as Facilitators of Precision Medicine. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2017; 101:359-367.
  5. Sauers-Ford HS; Gold JM; Statile AM; Tubbs-Cooley HL; Simmons JM; Shah SS; Bell K; Pfefferman C; Moore MJ; Auger KA. Improving Recruitment and Retention Rates in a Randomized Controlled Trial. Pediatrics. 2017; 139:e20162770.
  6. Hunter LL; Meinzen-Derr J; Wiley S; Horvath CL; Kothari R; Wexelblatt S. Influence of the WIC Program on Loss to Follow-up for Newborn Hearing Screening. Pediatrics. 2016; 138:e20154301.
  7. Beck AF; Solan LG; Brunswick SA; Sauers-Ford H; Simmons JM; Shah S; Gold J; Sherman SN; H2O Study Group. Socioeconomic status influences the toll paediatric hospitalisations take on families: a qualitative study. BMJ Quality and Safety. 2017; 26:304-311.
  8. Brewer CC; Zalewski CK; King KA; Zobay O; Riley A; Ferguson MA; Bird JE; McCabe MM; Hood LJ; Drayna D. Heritability of non-speech auditory processing skills. European Journal of Human Genetics. 2016; 24:1137-1144.
  9. Zwolski C; Schmitt LC; Thomas S; Hewett TE; Paterno MV. The Utility of Limb Symmetry Indices in Return-to-Sport Assessment in Patients With Bilateral Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2016; 44:2030-2038.
  10. Garinis AC; Cross CP; Srikanth P; Carroll K; Feeney MP; Keefe DH; Hunter LL; Putterman DB; Cohen DM; Gold JA. The cumulative effects of intravenous antibiotic treatments on hearing in patients with cystic fibrosis. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. 2017; 16:401-409.
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  12. Hunter LL; Keefe DH; Feeney MP; Fitzpatrick DF. Pressurized Wideband Acoustic Stapedial Reflex Thresholds: Normal Development and Relationships to Auditory Function in Infants. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology. 2017; 18:49-63.
  13. Keefe DH; Feeney MP; Hunter LL; Fitzpatrick DF. Aural Acoustic Stapedius-Muscle Reflex Threshold Procedures to Test Human Infants and Adults. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology. 2017; 18:65-88.
  14. Hewett TE; Myer GD; Ford KR; Paterno MV; Quatman CE. Mechanisms, Prediction, and Prevention of ACL Injuries: Cut Risk With Three Sharpened and Validated Tools. Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 2016; 34:1843-1855.
  15. Merhar SL; Gozdas E; Tkach JA; Harpster KL; Schwartz TL; Yuan W; Kline-Fath BM; Leach JL; Altaye M; Holland SK. Functional and structural connectivity of the visual system in infants with perinatal brain injury. Pediatric Research. 2016; 80:43-48.
  16. Feeney MP; Keefe DH; Hunter LL; Fitzpatrick DF; Garinis AC; Putterman DB; McMillan GP. Normative Wideband Reflectance, Equivalent Admittance at the Tympanic Membrane, and Acoustic Stapedius Reflex Threshold in Adults. Ear and Hearing. 2017; 38:e142-e160.
  17. Hugentobler JA; Gupta R; Slater R; Paterno MV; Riley MA; Quatman-Yates C. Influence of Age on Postconcussive Postural Control Measures and Future Implications for Assessment. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 2016; 26:510-517.
  18. Walsh K; Ryan J; Daraiseh N; Pai A. Errors and Nonadherence in Pediatric Oral Chemotherapy Use. Oncology: international journal of cancer research and treatment. 2016; 91:231-236.
  19. Staveski S; Abrajano C; Casazza M; Bair E; Quan H; Dong E; Petty A; Felix K; Roth SJ. SILVER-IMPREGNATED DRESSINGS FOR STERNOTOMY INCISIONS TO PREVENT SURGICAL SITE INFECTIONS IN CHILDREN. American journal of critical care : an official publication, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. 2016; 25:402-408.
  20. Reifenberg G; Gabrosek G; Tanner K; Harpster K; Proffitt R; Persch A. Feasibility of pediatric game-based neurorehabilitation using telehealth technologies: A case report. American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2017; 71:7103190040p1-7103190040p8.
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  24. Staveski SL; Wu M; Tesoro TM; Roth SJ; Cisco MJ. Interprofessional Team's Perception of Care Delivery After Implementation of a Pediatric Pain and Sedation Protocol. Critical care nurse. 2017; 37:66-76.
  25. Yuan W; Harpster K; Jones BV; Shimony JS; McKinstry RC; Weckherlin N; Powell SS; Barnard H; Engsberg J; Kadis DS. Changes of White Matter Diffusion Anisotropy in Response to a 6-Week iPad Application-Based Occupational Therapy Intervention in Children with Surgically Treated Hydrocephalus: A Pilot Study. Neuropediatrics: journal of pediatric neurobiology, neurology and neurosurgery. 2016; 47:336-340.