“In our never-ending quest to be the leader in improving child health, every day at Cincinnati Children's we are discovering more together.”

The inspiring research and findings highlighted in this year’s Research Annual Report demonstrate one of the great strengths of Cincinnati Children’s—a deep collaboration among many of the brightest biomedical science minds and the most talented pediatric clinicians.

The Board of Trustees works diligently to build and support—through extensive, long-range investment—this collaborative culture. We do this to attract team-minded experts, nurture and build an innovative environment and provide the needed infrastructure for discovery.

Our progress is demonstrated through:

  • Record levels of research funding
  • More spinoff companies and other efforts to bring discoveries to market, including 119 new innovation disclosures
  • A world-renown faculty, now exceeding 1,000 investigators
  • The publication of more than 2,000 peer-reviewed research papers in just one year—the most significant examples are summarized in this report

Some of our research is making real impact right now, such as better care for an entire community of asthmatic children and better medicine for children with tuberous sclerosis complex.

Other discoveries will take longer to reach the bedside. We are seeing dramatic progress in organoid development and breakthrough gene discoveries that show a strong likelihood of influencing a mother’s risk of preterm birth.

Our heartfelt congratulations, admiration and appreciation to the scientists featured here. Thank you also to the vast team of staff, families, community leaders, volunteers, and public and private donors, funders and partners who make these advances possible.

A photo of Jane Portman. A photo of Nancy Krieger Eddy. A photo of Michael Fisher.
Jane Portman
Chair, Board of Trustees
Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD
Research Chair
Michael Fisher
President and CEO