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Professor Susan Thompson and colleagues propose a new way to organize and think about children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).
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Laura McIntosh, Marc Sudman, Halima Moncrieffe, and Professor Susan Thompson compared over 2,700 patients with idiopathic juvenile arthritis to over 15,000 controls for one of the largest genetic studies of this disorder ever attempted. They found nine new genetic effects that reflect mechanisms that alter the risk of this disease that once understood would become the basis for new and better therapies and even preventive measures.
Cushion, MT; Ashbaugh, A; Hendrix, K; Linke, MJ; Tisdale, N; Sayson, SG; Porollo, A. Gene Expression of Pneumocystis murina after Treatment with Anidulafungin Results in Strong Signals for Sexual Reproduction, Cell Wall Integrity, and Cell Cycle Arrest, Indicating a Requirement for Ascus Formation for Proliferation. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2018; 62(5).
The longstanding collaborative study of the murine model of pneumocystis by Melanie Cushion and Alexey Porollo has culminated in the evaluation of new approaches to treat this scourge for immunocompromised patients.
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Matthew Weirauch has become a world-recognized expert in the genomics of transcription factors. There are 1639 human transcription factors that have a major role in the determination of the expression of what genes along with when the expression occurs. These decisions govern disease risk and how tissues differentiate. Indeed, Dr. Weirauch presents a summary of known information about the 160,000 transcription factors in the whole universe of flora and fauna biology.
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These investigators show that when viruses fail to activate natural killer cells then these important cells have less of an influence on the control of the anti-viral immune response.