"We are advancing cures, care and community through collaborative discovery."

This year’s Research Annual Report highlights some of Cincinnati Children’s most inspiring research and findings. Chosen by our research leadership, this content represents the great science and discovery being done here–in collaboration with other great health care institutions and partners.

These discoveries are all about potential–potential to advance cures, care and community–here and around the world through basic science, translational medicine and community health.

The process of highlighting is difficult given Cincinnati Children’s faculty published more than 2,400 peer-reviewed papers this past year with 26 of those in the highest impact journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Journal of American Medical Association, Nature and Science.

Beyond the seven highlighted studies, our world-renowned faculty of 1,000 investigators are working on cures by discovering new gene targets for developing drugs to treat aggressive leukemias, severe obesity and emphysema.

We are advancing care by developing decision support tools to improve asthma care, using heart support devices and imaging technologies to help more infants receive heart transplants and using genomic data to improve fetal surgery outcomes.

Communities can and are being improved by a series of studies documenting how air pollution can contribute to mental health disorders, our Every Child Succeeds home visitation program supports brain development, and an online problem-solving tool is helping families manage the stresses that occur when children suffer brain injuries.

None of these breakthroughs were achieved working in isolation, rather in collaboration within laboratory teams, across departments and among competing institutions. It is this spirit of teamwork that the Board of Trustees and Cincinnati Children’s senior leadership works so diligently to promote, and we greatly appreciate and recognize the results this cooperation achieves.

Of course, we cannot thank the staff, families, community leaders, volunteers and public and private donors, funders and partners enough for making all of this possible.

A photo of Jane Portman. A photo of Nancy Krieger Eddy. A photo of Michael Fisher.
Jane Portman
Chair, Board of Trustees
Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD
Research Chair
Michael Fisher
President and CEO