2020 Research Annual Report
Research Annual Report | Acknowledgements

A Collaborative Effort from Across the Organization

The Cincinnati Children’s Research Annual Report is the result of a collaborative effort by many individuals throughout the Cincinnati Children’s community. Each reporting area works hard to provide the information within this report in a short time period. Thank you for your continued partnership in this important endeavor.

A special thank you to the following contributors:


Bri Pennington
Project manager, online research annual report

Tim Bonfield
Project manager, print research annual report

Kristine Justus, PhD
Vice President, Research Foundation, Editorial Advisor


Kim Ballinger
Grant and publication data collection and review

Alison Kissling and the Edward L. Pratt Research Library
Publication data collection and review

Joyce Life-Ishmael
Communication and data coordination

Steve Gentle
Website development

Sue MacDonald
Contributing writer

Sarah Stankorb
Contributing writer

Leigh Wilkins
Contributing writer

Emma Agnew, PhD
Contributing writer

Dakota Campbell
Contributing writer

Graphics and Photography

Reed DeWinter, Tine Hoffman, Julie Kramer, and Michael Wilson


The Fairview Agency