Career Development

The OAACD implements regularly scheduled seminars to address the career development and grant related topics that faculty identify as most critical to their success. Seminars are delivered by both internal and external content specialists. CME credit is offered for most seminars.

Seminar Archive

Visit the CME Cloud website to view previously recorded OAACD seminars.

The OAACD, in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, has developed a strategic plan to provide resources, training and opportunities to enhance the recruitment and career development of a diverse faculty, to increase the diversity of faculty members in leadership positions, and to provide the support necessary to help them succeed in those positions. Diversity is defined broadly and includes gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and country of origin. Resource materials, networking opportunities, and leadership development opportunities have been developed as a part of this ongoing, comprehensive effort.

Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program

The Schmidlapp program provides grants of $50,000 a year for up to two years to women faculty who have shown promise as leaders within the institution and are at a critical stage of their career. The intention of the award is to provide career support so that more women reach the rank of Associate and Full Professor. Scholars are selected each year by the Schmidlapp committee, consisting of senior women faculty.

Learn more about the Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program

Diversity and Health Disparities Award

The Diversity and Health Disparities Research Award provides research funds for highly skilled junior faculty members from all Cincinnati Children's Departments who are underrepresented minorities and/or have a strong commitment to health disparities research. The maximum budget is $75,000 in direct costs per year for two years. The objective of this funding opportunity is to promote the career development of underrepresented faculty and to enhance the health disparities research effort at Cincinnati Children's. One grant will be awarded each year.

Strauss Fellows

The Arnold W. Strauss Fellows Award is offered to junior postdoctoral fellows. The goal of this award is to provide research funds ($10,000) for meritorious fellows to prepare for sustained research and extramural funding during and following the completion of their postdoctoral training. Successful candidates must have a strong commitment to research, a clear mentorship structure in place, and a distinct plan for their research proposal. All awardees will receive funds to attend a grant writing workshop and must submit an extramural fellowship grant by the end of their appointment as a Strauss Fellow.

Learn more about the Strauss Fellows Award Program

The OAACD is in the process of developing programs and resources for late-career faculty regarding career development and retirement planning.

The OAACD collaborates with internal and external consultants to develop and implement leadership programs that will create a cadre of outstanding faculty leaders at all career stages, and encourage faculty leaders to create a culture of service, appreciation, inclusion, teamwork and collaboration.

The overarching goals of all OAACD faculty leadership development programs are to enhance and develop participants’ leadership abilities and effectiveness, through:

1. Gaining a deeper understanding of one’s “leadership foundation” – values, styles, strengths, limitations, etc.

2. Developing a broader perspective and increasing one’s ability to utilize strategic, operational, and relational skills needed for research, clinical or educational leadership roles at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Emerging Leadership and Core Leadership Programs

The Emerging Leadership Program was developed to meet the needs of faculty members at an early stage of their careers, and the Core Leadership Program was developed for mid-level leaders, such as fellowship, medical, or research directors. The goal of these programs is to support the achievement of the Cincinnati Children’s vision and mission by assisting faculty leaders in identifying and leveraging their leadership talents. Some of the topics covered during these 10-month programs include:

  • Achieving personal and career success
  • Living (and leading others to live) Cincinnati Children's values
  • Delivering difficult messages
  • Values-based leadership
  • Leading with passion and purpose
  • Financial leadership and program-building skills
  • Empowering others to lead and optimizing leadership effectiveness
  • Leading across differences: recruiting, retaining, and promoting a diverse faculty
  • Work/life integration and building a personal support team
  • Charting a course for your next leadership opportunity

During each program, participants obtain 360° feedback and create personal development plans to accomplish during the program. As a culminating project, each participant completes an individual "Leadership Profile" that includes her/his own definition of leadership; chosen leadership styles; characteristics, values, and principles; and a plan as to how individual leadership strengths will be used to help Cincinnati Children's meet its mission and vision.

The OAACD is also offering Booster Sessions for former participants in these programs. These sessions are designed to support participants as they continue to apply knowledge acquired to situations in their unique work areas. They also provide a forum where participants can receive peer guidance and support relative to specific leadership challenges they may be facing.

Advanced Leadership Program

The Advanced Leadership Program is designed for senior leaders such as Division Directors, and is facilitated in collaboration with faculty from the Harvard School of Public Health. The primary goal of the program is to assist leaders in identifying and leveraging their leadership talents. The program consists of four modules:

  • Maximizing Leadership through Meta-Leadership
  • Utilizing financial management and controls in health care management situations
  • Creating a high value academic healthcare system
  • Building and being a member of a high performing team

The OAACD has developed and launched a mentorship initiative that supports the career development of all faculty through formal and informal mentoring. The goals of this initiative are to ensure that faculty members are well integrated into the institution, to help faculty to define personal career objectives and achieve promotion and/or tenure, and to foster a culture of excellent mentoring.

Some of the components of the mentorship program include:

  • OAACD Mentorship Handbook:
     - Career Development Committee Guidance
     - Mentorship Agreement Template
     - Questions Mentees Might Ask
     - Questions Mentors Might Ask
     - Tips for Mentees
     - Tips for Mentors
     - Mentorship Articles
     - Individual Development Plans
     - Developmental Network Plans
  • Annual Mentorship Symposium
  • Junior faculty Career Development Committees
  • Mentorship skills training workshops
The OAACD facilitates the development and implementation of networking groups and events that foster collaboration, psychosocial support, recruitment, retention, and career success. This effort has resulted in a number of networking opportunities for faculty with different interests and backgrounds, including work-life integration, Field Service Track, educator specialist, Black faculty, and Asian faculty networking groups. Wine and Wisdom is an informal networking event that occurs 2 or 3 times a year in which a successful senior faculty member shares insights about his or her career. Networking time is also built into monthly career development seminars.

The Office of Post-doctoral Affairs is dedicated to the mentorship and development of approximately 300 postdoctoral research fellows and research associates at Cincinnati Children’s. The office serves as an interface between post-docs and administration and provides information about available resources and upcoming events. Resources available for postdoctoral fellows include:

Learn more about the Office of Post-doctoral Affairs

Please contact with any questions regarding postdoctoral fellowship.

High School Programs

High School Science Student Symposium

Each spring all area high schools are invited to send their best two science students and a teacher or counselor to participate in the one-day science symposium. The students and their advisers attend workshops on careers in medicine, allied health and science, and participate in hands-on activities throughout the medical center ranging from basic science labs to clinical experiences. Learn more about the High School Science Student Symposium.

Summer High School Internship Program

The Summer High School Internship Program is a competitive program for graduating high school seniors in Cincinnati. Students selected work with a mentor, shadow in clinical programs and participate in a weekly luncheon series. Students work 20 hours per week for eight weeks. Learn more about the Summer High School Internship Program.

Biomedical Research Internship for Minority Students (BRIMS)

Biomedical Research Internship for Minority Students (BRIMS) is open to high-achieving graduating high school seniors and college freshmen from the Cincinnati area that belong to a minority group traditionally underrepresented in biomedical careers, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders or American Indians. Students work full time for nine weeks on a mentored research project, participate in a weekly luncheon series with minority faculty, and shadow in clinical areas to explore biomedical career options. Learn more about the Biomedical Research Internship for Minority Students.

Undergraduate Programs

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program receives applications from undergraduate students interested in going to graduate or medical school throughout the United States. The program targets undergraduates in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Students participate in basic and clinical research programs at Cincinnati Children’s. The SURF program includes an extensive scientific and social program. Learn more about the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Summer Program

The Women in Science and Engineering program is run through the University of Cincinnati and supports women students attending UC with an interest in pursuing careers in science or engineering. An extensive academic program is provided to these students throughout the summer. Learn more about the WISE Summer Program.

OAACD Conference Room

The OAACD conference room is available for use by faculty. It is on the seventh floor of the Kasota building, Room BN7.758. The room accommodates up to 16 people for a meeting. A computer, printer and copier are available. To reserve this room, please contact


The OAACD Library is housed inside the Office of Academic Affairs and Career Development conference room and contains books and other resource materials relevant to personal and professional development. Download a list of books.


The OAACD maintains an active listserv and sends emails regularly about faculty development events and resources. To be added to the OAACD listserv, please email


The OAACD newsletter, Faculty Flash, is emailed to faculty monthly, and contains information about OAACD initiatives, events, resources, and recommended reading. To receive Faculty Flash, please email or view the latest issue on our publications page.

Weekly Newsflash

The OAACD weekly newsflash is emailed to faculty weekly and contains information about upcoming grant, award and other opportunities, the NIH Table of Contents, and upcoming OAACD events.


The OAACD intranet webpage contains numerous resources for Cincinnati Children's faculty and is updated on a regular basis. On the webpage, faculty have access to information about career development resources; grants and fellowships; leadership development opportunities; the reappointment, promotion and tenure process at Cincinnati Children's; diversity and inclusion initiatives; Cincinnati Children's policies, organization, and strategic initiatives; professional health resources; and work-life integration and resources.


The OAACD is committed to developing resources and implementing programs to help faculty balance work and life responsibilities and achieve holistic wellness. The OAACD intranet site contains resources about work-life balance and networking opportunities.