Introduction to Flow Cytometry

New users need to complete this class prior to hands-on instrument training.  This monthly class is 2 hours and covers instrument components, analysis, compensation and experimental basics.  Register for this class on the ELM (Cincinnati Children's users) or email Monica DeLay for external clients.

Instrument Training

After completing in the Introduction to Flow Cytometry class, users must submit a completed registration form to schedule a 2 hour hands-on training session.  Forms can be submitted via email to Sarah Croswell or Javid Mohammed or can be dropped off at R5543.

Cell Sorter Training

For those who would like to sort after hours or on the weekends, users can be trained  on the FACSAria II.  Potential trainees must be permanent employees, have good knowledge of flow cytometry, be familiar with FACSDiva, and be a regular cell sorting client.  Please contact Monica DeLay for more information.

Monthly User Meetings

The Ohio River Valley Cytometry Association (ORVCA) and the Research Flow Cytometry Core (RFCC) organize monthly meetings featuring lectures to educate and inform the local community on applications and products used in cytometry.  Email notifications are sent to users via the Research Flow Core email list and to non-RFCC users via the ORVCA email list.

The Annual Imaging and Cytometry Research Day

Each year ORVCA and the RFCC organize the Imaging and Cytometry Research Day to bring education and awareness to the scientific community on cytometric applications and developing technologies.  Please visit the ORVCA website for more details.  For updates, sign up for the ORVCA email list.