Acknowledging the PSCF in your manuscripts and presentations

Investigators receiving services/cell lines from the PSCF are required to acknowledge the facility in publications and presentations arising from the work. The following are examples of an appropriate acknowledgments that could be used in publications: “This work was supported by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Pluripotent Stem Cell Facility” or "The iPSC lines used in this study were generated by the Cincinnati Children's Pluripotent Stem Cell Facility".

How to begin using hESCs/iPSCs at Cincinnati Children's or UC

First of all, please contact us to discuss your project goals. We will be able to assist you in determining the most appropriate initial course of action.

Cincinnati Children's/UC ESCRO Committee

The Cincinnati Children's Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (ESCRO) is charged with providing oversight of all issues related to the derivation and use of hESC cells at Cincinnati Children's/UC. Investigators must receive Cincinnati Children's/UC ESCRO approval for their project before starting any hESC research at Cincinnati Children's/UC.
ESCRO applications for PSCF users: The PSCF has obtained ESCRO approval to use specific federally-approved hESC lines to perform many of the standard techniques used in hESC research.  Therefore, expedited ESCRO review is available to investigators using the PSCF. This ESCRO review mechanism is limited to studies exclusively performed within the PSCF laboratories using only approved cell lines and techniques. Approved techniques include all purely in-vitro research and some in-vivo assays (including teratoma formation assays). Investigators wishing to perform hESC research using techniques or cell lines not included in PSCF's ESCRO approval, or those wishing to initiate hESC research in their own laboratory must obtain independent ESCRO approval

ESCRO applications for non-PSCF users: Non-PSCF users wishing to conduct hESC research at Cincinnati Children's/UC must receive ESCRO approval before initiating these studies. These applications are subject to full Cincinnati Children's/UC ESCRO committee review. Furthermore, PSCF users wishing to perform studies or use hESC lines not covered by PSCF's ESCRO must receive independent ESCRO approval before commencing these studies.
Note: To remove live cells from the PSCF for use in an investigator's laboratory, principal investigators must provide documentation that appropriate independent ESCRO approval has been obtained. Once they are removed from the facility, principal investigators are responsible for ensuring that hESCs or products of hESCs are not distributed to any third party or other investigator.

Questions? Contact the ESCRO committee at

How to obtain permission to use WiCell hESCs

The use of hESCs is subject to intellectual property restrictions of the company of origin. However, obtaining approval is straightforward. Please follow the following instructions:
1. Contact us to discuss the availability of required WiCell cell line(s).
2. We will email the appropriate simple letter agreement (SLA) form to you.
3. Complete and sign the SLA. Instructions for completing this form can be found HERE.
4. Return the completed and signed SLA to the PSCF.
5. We will forward the document to the Cincinnati Children's intellectual property office.
6. We will contact you when the agreement is fully executed.

Notes for users of the PSCF tissue culture facility

We request that all PSCF users follow these guidelines for using our tissue culture facility.