The main interest of the Zimmermann Laboratory is to decipher mechanisms of allergic diseases, primarily asthma. Eosinophils are the hallmark cell of allergic inflammation, including asthma. The long-term goals of the laboratory are:

  • To understand the mechanisms of eosinophilia with the ultimate aim of changing the outcome of eosinophil-mediated diseases
  • To understand the mechanisms of lung inflammation during homeostasis and allergic disease

Currently, we are focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of eosinophil survival in allergic inflammation and asthma; in other words, our research is exploring why eosinophils are recruited and why they stay and lead to disease in some people and not in others. 

We use a variety of approaches in our research, including animal modeling and ex vivo cell and molecular biology.

For more information about the lab, contact Nives Zimmermann at nives.zimmermann@cchmc.org.