Drotar Research Lab

What We Study

The Drotar research lab investigates treatment adherence and self-management in children and adolescents with chronic conditions. Our current work focuses on these issues for  adolescents with type 1 diabetes (SMART). Previous work focused on children with cancer (OPTIMAL) and mild to severe persistent asthma (TAPA). SMART is a multisite research study, with Cincinnati Children’s as the central coordinating site. OPTIMAL was also a multisite research study and TAPA was  a pilot study funded by the Center for Treatment Adherence.

Work with Us

We recruit undergraduate and graduate students to work with us on the SMART-2 study. Students have the opportunity to learn a great deal about research. Their typical tasks might include data collection (study visits, medical chart reviews) and / or data management tasks (computerized data entry, reviews of data from other sites, data cleaning). You can earn course credit for your work with us, if approved by the team and the university where you are enrolled. There are opportunities to attend seminars and grand rounds at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Also, there are opportunities to get letters of recommendation based on experience. If you are interested in working with us, contact us by email at drotarlab@cchmc.org. Indicate “Student Research Opportunity” in your subject line.


Lab Publications

For a complete and updated list of publications from the Drotar Lab, please visit Dr. Drotar's PubMed listing.

Contact Us

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Dennis Drotar, PhD

Mailing Address:
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Email: drotarlab@cchmc.org